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I've not been able to update at all, so it seems a shame to have to update here well after the fact, but we're on hiatus.

Yours truly has a few annoying health issues they have to get over, so until then, all major projects will be on hold!

Rehersal 1

Our Goal:


We had our first rehearsal in the Bakehouse Studios - by that it was more of a soound test for Talie, and a bit of a read-through with our 3 confirmed cast: Mohammed (Jake) Edgar (Eamon) and Luke (Harry). Kym (Christopher) couldn't make it, he was in Sydney, and Colleen (Production) was off sick.

I have to rewrite the script now, so by Friday Week there will be a new script. As far as this month, it'll be more character work than learning lines - Kym suggested an Acting Coach, so I'm going to chase up my contacts.


Hi All,

Quick update, we had the first meet-n-greet last week and another tonight. Since I'm on my other computer I can't upload the LONG update letter, but suffice to say we are GO FOR LAUNCH in December.

Tarlo and Graham - is go! http://nevolution.typepad.com/theories/2007/11/tarlo-graham---.html We'll be shooting here next month.

Other good news - I got in touch with Peter from The Melobourne Suspension Team http://www.hangedmanteam.com/ and he's keen on orrganising a combined event/shoot for the scene where Halfstar takes Ari...um...clubbing?

Things will be picking up shortly, so take care!.
Quick news - looks like shooting will start in NOVEMBER. First scene kids, so I'll get in touch with you all soon.
Aaaand - it's an update!

The script was broken down a couple of days ago, and with some luck, I'll be well on the way to choosing the "first filming day".

There was some good feedback from my script readers.

With the Liminal, the first day was a BIG weekend, I'll be a litle less ambitions this time.

Save for a DAT tape deck, we are pretty much IN BUSINESS as the camera was delivered today.

Tomorrow I'm checking out some locations with Colleen M.

Everything is a bit of a one-man-band at the moment, but things will be picking up shortly with a get-together next week for anyone who is interested. Stand by!
And an update at last!

I'm breaking down the script AS WE SPEAK.

Everyone has theor own methods of script breakdown - this worked for the Liminal, and so we'll do it again here.

My method is to sort out the scenes by locations. Each location equals one day (or a weekend) of filming, so it helps to have locations close to each other so you can knock them off quickly.

At the moment, it looks like the "Muster Room" will be the biggest location, similar to St Brandon's back in the Liminal. My Wishlist has me filming this in the Flinders Street Ballroom - however, I will exhaust all of my favours for the next 200 years and will have to supply massive amounts of bribes to get this going.

Colleen has suggested a teriffic place here: http://nevolution.typepad.com/theories/2007/11/tarlo-graham---.html and I'll be checking it out with her on Monday.

Once I work out how many days (months!) this will take us, I can start brining more actors and crew on board. Jane Loutit will be doing more reporting duties as the filming gets underway.

Cheers all, Claire

First Draft

Hi All,

The first draft of Dark and Secret Places is available for download.


Possibly redundant tech note:
It is in .pdf form, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat or a reader, which can be downloaded for free at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

If you need a WORD verson, drop me an email.

At the moment what I'm most interested in is:
***any dangling plot bits
*** concepts you don't understand (I may have to make them clearer in the next draft)
***conversations that really have no bearing to the plot
***ideas for places to film...old and gothic as possible

Probably not interested at all in:
***"You can't shoot that, too expensive to film yadda yadda"
***"Script too long"

As it is a shooting script, I can live with:
***Not enough of a locale description in each scene. I've left them as vague as possible so they can be moved depending on what I can get.
***Names. Minor characters will get name/gender changes depending on who is available. Aside from Eamon, Lila, Christopher, Jake, Ari and Halfstar, everone else is gender and age interchangeable.

Some of you are experienced film makers and writers, so hit me with your suggestions. Go Go Go!

Some guy and his camera

Okay, after much agonising over formats, I've decided what camera to film this on. One of the reasons I waited so long I was hoping for a full HD 1080p prosumer catch up from Sony but, obviously not to be.

Rather than actually show you a picture, those with a decent broadband connection can watch this fellow ramble in incoherent delight about his video camera. The dead furry thing on the top I already have but will be supplimenting with about 3 other microphones.

It's not very interesting unless one has bought a video camera. BORING! A boring Youtube Video - and ha! But he loves his camera!

Half of everyone who needs to be notified of D&SP have been notified - now for the other half!

One of the HARDEST tasks of filming a long term project is maintaining interest. The first few shooting days are lots of fun, then they get gruelling. Motivation is pretty tough!

Sometimes there are a core group of people who can stay the full distance, and there are the all-important one-offers who provide their expertise and first-shoot passion through those difficult shooting days. Both are important!

I guess it's really the end result that keeps us going - opening night, or holding the freshly printed stack of DVDs in your hands. Let's make this happen!

First Post...

Hi all, for the first post something a little boring - the email that all friends/invitees got...

Also, if I left you off the email list, PLEASE let me know, or friend this community!

For anyone who has never navigated Live Journal before, there is a "Add A Comment" button on the bottom of this post, click on the words and you will get a place to post any comments.

Click on "Read More" to read more, obviously!

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